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        • Congratulations to our 2020 grads
          Celebrate our new alumni by following #MRUgrad on June 3 and 4


        • Crushing the academic year
          10 stories of students who made major scholastic impacts in 2019/2020


        • Tracking app helps fans keep tabs on transient turkey
          Professor Lynn Moorman employs citizen science to map Turk’s movements


        • Document the pandemic for research and the future
          When a remarkable event unfolds in real time, it’s difficult to identify the historical impact in the moment


        • Getting to the truth
          Student, professor discuss why journalism matters


        Library Awards for Research Excellence recipients announced

        Mount Royal University recognizes outstanding scholarly projects

        You always belong here

        New alumni have access to free resources, perks and benefits


        Support students impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

        Your gift to the Emergency Student Bursary Fund will support MRU students during this time of uncertainty.


        Every student deserves a great prof

        Meet three Mount Royal University professors who are shaking things up to share their passion for teaching and their excitement for the learning process with their students, elevating the classroom experience and ensuring student success.


        Rooted in YYC

        Mount Royal grad grows local food and business